Heidi Klum is Unsure About Project Runway's Future

February 17, 2009 By:
Heidi Klum is Unsure About Project Runway's Future

This is exactly what we didn’t want to hear regarding the future of Project Runway! Ever since the show left Bravo, it’s been sort of a mess, leaving fans wondering if we would ever get another season.

As you know, it’s Fashion Week in New York right now, and Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn are there gearing up for the big Project Runway show in Bryant Park this Friday. But because the past season still hasn’t aired, they had to take certain precautions for this year’s show. Like the fact that the designers themselves can’t show their own line or take any credit for it!

Tim said, “The designers whose collections are presented will not be presenting their collections THEMSELVES, because then everyone would know who they are.”

“So you’ll see collections from extremely talented people, but you won’t be able to place the designer with the collection.”

As for the uncertainty of another Runway season, Heidi told reporters, “I know, the fans want Project Runway… I want Project Runway. The people of Project Runway want Project Runway! I think that just the networks are still battling. You know I’m waiting the same way everyone else is waiting, and I know I’ve been saying that for months now but it’s really not in my hands you know? I have to wait the same way everyone else has to wait.”

Heidi also seemed sad at the fact that the designers themselves won’t get any recognition for their collections during Fashion Week.

She said, “What is really sad about it is that when we have the fashion week on Friday, all the people that are in the audience don’t know the designers.”

“You know, normally you have people there that are like clapping because they have their fans coming out you know, the fans for these designers they’re like, ‘Yeah!’ And they’re like rooting for this one or that one and this time no one knows anyone, so the feeling is going to be, unfortunately, a little bit different — so it’s a little sad.”

That completely takes the fun out of Fashion Week for the contestants! We don’t care what network picks the show up. We need more Project Runway stat!