Heidi Klum is Hoping for a Girl

April 23, 2009 By:
Heidi Klum is Hoping for a Girl

While all mothers generally just hope for a healthy baby, Heidi Klum isn't keeping her desire for another little girl to herself. She wants to shout it from the rooftops...or magazines in this case.

The gorgeous supermodel admits that she's secretly been hoping she's pregnant with a girl so her daughter Leni can have a sister.

"We'd be happy with either, but it would be a lie if I said we weren't all hoping for a little girl - especially Leni, because she would love to have a little sister," Heidi told Us Weekly.

"She'll say, 'I hope it's a girl so she can be in my room, and I'm going to help you and I'm going to change the diapers and I'm going to be a really good sister.'"

This will be baby #4 for Heidi, who is already mom to Leni, 5, Henry, 3, and Johan, 2. Boy or girl, either way, we know it's going to be a gorgeous baby! If she has a girl, what do you think Heidi should name her?