Heidi Klum: I'm Starting to "Explode"

September 8, 2009 By:
Heidi Klum: I'm Starting to

Heidi Klum may make pregnancy look like a breeze, but underneath her clothes, her body has started to "explode."

Heidi, who is due to give birth to her fourth child, a girl, in October, gives Page Six magazine a highly descriptive update going into her final month of pregnancy. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Heidi on her growing belly, thighs and butt: “The last month is unbelievable, how rapidly your stomach goes. It’s huge." She added, “The thighs, the butt — everything explodes in the end.”

Heidi on the miracle of childbirth: “It’s bizarre. Just as it’s a miracle that you can grow a human being in your belly, it’s a miracle that your body goes back to normal again,” she adds. “I don’t think you ever get back to exactly the way you were, but you do get close. And I’m happy with that. Especially when you see your kid for the first time.”

Heidi on how she knew Seal was the one: “Aside from his sexy stature? He’s a gentle giant,” she says. “We’re very into family values. If you come to our house in L.A., you’ll see that it’s not a big, museum-like house where you can’t touch anything or sit anywhere. It’s a family house, where three children [Leni, Henry, 4; and Johann, 3] are living. We have toys all over the place.”

Heidi on designer Karl Lagerfeld’s comments that he’d never heard of her and didn’t know who she was: “I don’t know why [Karl] said that. Maybe he wanted to be in the paper? Maybe he doesn’t understand what I do? It’s bizarre to me that he says he doesn’t know who I am because he’s dressed me in the past. I’ve worn Karl Lagerfeld. Not even Chanel—his line. Lagerfeld doesn’t just send random things everywhere, so it was a big thing for me [to wear his label] to the CFDA Awards a few years ago. I don’t know how he missed that, when he dressed me that time. But you know, it’s cool. People can say whatever they want to say. You can’t please everybody, and you can’t live your life wanting to please everybody either.”