Heidi Klum Done Playing Mommy

May 27, 2010 By:
Heidi Klum Done Playing Mommy

Heidi Klum has had enough, and she is closing up the baby shop! She and Seal are reportedly done having kids…for good!

"Obviously I love having a big family, but having four children is quite a big family," Klum told E! last night at a party for her Pea in the Pod line Lavish. "We're complete. We have everyone around the table that's supposed to be there."

Heidi Klum Gets Married...Again

Guess we should have listened when Heidi said this last year, when she was pregnant with Lou. She said at the time, "We're outnumbered. Four is perfect. Three is a lot. But four? It's a lot of work. We're hands-on, and we feel like this is what we can handle.”

Plus, Heidi and Seal are jumping head on into a brand new project that they’ll be doing together—a new Lifetime show. The program will be called Love Divine, named after one of Seal’s songs, and will feature them traveling across the country to counsel couples in trouble.

Now this is a show we can see being good! Marriage Ref sounds good in theory, but they bring so many celebs on the show who have had failed marriages! Heidi and Seal are great together, we think they’ll be awesome marriage counselors!