Heidi Klum Blames Seal's Bad Temper for Divorce

January 23, 2012 By:
Heidi Klum Blames Seal's Bad Temper for Divorce

Say it ‘aint so!? Seal, who sings “Kiss from a Rose”, has a bad temper!? Boy, was he fooling everyone with those melodramatic lyrics and love songs. Bah duh dum dum dum dum do do doooo.

Sources have revealed that Heidi Klum is divorcing Seal mostly due to his outrageous temper and that his inability to control his anger is affecting their children.

Heidi can’t take it anymore. And like that, Heidi Klum turned to Seal and was like, “You OUT” followed by “Auf Wiedersehen.”

And while some were speculating that a third party was involved (and by that, I mean, cheating) the sources are saying that’s no true at all.

According to one source, this break-up “was a long time in coming.”

Could Seal’s anger be in part due to the fact that his much younger wife is becoming more successful than he?

I remember a time when Seal was everywhere. You couldn’t go anywhere without hearing that man’s music. Then suddenly, Project Runway was a thing and everyone was referring to Seal as “Heidi Klum’s husband” or “that guy whose song I use during Karaoke.”

According to TMZ, “their professional evolution has created a distance between them.” The former Victoria’s Secret model has turned into an international entrepreneur, model, spokesperson, designer etc.

To Seal’s credit, he does have an album coming out, but still, Heidi FTW.

The couple is still living together, but that shouldn’t last much longer.