Heidi is Always Sexy For Seal

December 17, 2008 By:
Heidi is Always Sexy For Seal

One problem Heidi Klum does not have is walking around in sexy outfits because she knows her husband is gonna love it. Heidi says that Seal inspires her to always be in "the mood" to be sexy. Seal is definitely inspiring because we don't remember seeing Heidi ever look bad!

She says that when she's in a photoshoot or she's asked to be sexy, she just visualizes Seal “Dressed, undressed, in the shower, wherever."

“He’s always sexy. He always makes me feel sexy. He spreads his sexiness.

“I’m really lucky!”

Well, doing all that definitely makes her job easier considering she's "asked" to be sexy almost all the time! On a side note, Seal and Heidi might actually be one of the very few couples who are really in love. We don't see these two ever separating!