Heidi and Seal: Love's Divine

June 4, 2010 By:
Heidi and Seal: Love's Divine

Heidi Klum is all over the place! Between Victoria's Secret, Project Runway, skin care line and her four kids you'd think she has her plate full--but not Heidi!

Heidi and her hubby Seal have their own reality show on Lifetime now. Their new show, Love's Divine, will feature Heidi and Seal going across the country and giving married couples love advice.

Heidi Klum Gets Married...Again

“After getting positive feedback from family and friends, they decided they wanted to help others share the same kinds of special moments,” a friend of Heidi’s told People.

“For example, they want to help people who didn’t have their dream wedding the first time around to get a second chance.”

Heidi's Secret to Losing the Baby Weight

Earlier this week Hollyscoop caught up with Heidi at the Pea In The Pod event in Hollywood and she gave us the secret to her happy relationship.

She said, "You just make it happen. I’m not someone who says, 'Okay, I’m a mom, I have children and now I have to sit at home and just be a mom.' You have to be a wife too, You have to be hot for your man and put some fun things on."

She added that it's important to "go out and have date nights or run off to Vegas for the weekend if you can or I don’t know get in the car and drive off to the beach. Do couple things, its important."

Heidi and Seal are definitely one of the most loving fun couples in Hollywood, and considering the fact that they just got remarried for the fifth time, we'd say they're doing something right!