She's Crossing the Pond

February 13, 2008 By:
She's Crossing the Pond

Now that the divorce settlement between Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills is almost coming to a close, what does Mills plan on doing with all that money? Charity? Education? Nope, she's planning on moving to Tinsel Town.

"She knows everybody hates her here (Britain) and she does not care. But I think she's very low at the moment and would leap at the chance to get away from it all and take Bea with her.

"I think she'll go abroad, possibly to France or the United States. She likes them both. Then she'll just slowly fade away into obscurity."

Um...we'd rather not take her, thank you. Can we start some kind of petition to keep her from coming to LA? There are enough gold diggers here to last a lifetime.