Heather Mills' Worst Nightmare

March 16, 2007 By:
Heather Mills' Worst Nightmare

Heather Mills isn't scared of trespassing or taking her estranged hubbies money, but this tough cookie fears the paparazzi. Its gotten so bad that British cops have warned the one-legged former model and soon-to-be ex of Paul McCartney about overusing the emergency phone number 999 (the equivalent of our 911) to complain about harassment by paparazzi.

Chief Superintendent Kevin Moore reported, "Clearly, people who make lots of calls to the police run the risk of being treated as the little boy who cried wolf."

What does Mills camp have to say about this? Her rep, Phil Hall revealed that the police are not annoyed at her and she's just protecting herself from potentially dangerous situations.

In the meantime Mills poses for the cameras as she protests for Viva outside Marks & Spencer in London. The demonstrators are against the usage of farrowing crates in pig farming. For some reason, besides the obvious fact that she's known as a gold-digger, were not big fans of Heather.