Heather Mills Singing A Different Tune Today

November 8, 2007 By:
Heather Mills Singing A Different Tune Today

Is Heather Mills bipolar or just crazy? Last week she went on a rant talking all sorts of shit about her ex-Paul McCartney and now she has nothing but kind words to say about him.

McCartney has been seen getting cozy with his new girlfriend heiress Nancy Shevell. There were even photos of the two kissing and when Heather saw those pics apparently she flipped. Today, however, she's singing a different tune.

In regards to Paul's new relationship she said: "In that situation with Paul, there was no phone call, there was no tears and tantrums - there was nothing.

"Basically I just said 'I wish you all the best' and that was it, when we did swap over. It's none of anybody's business what happens in Paul's love life."

There is just something off about this woman. She sorta reminds me of an older version of Britney Spears.