Heather Mills Remaking Autobiography

December 4, 2007 By:
Heather Mills Remaking Autobiography

Great news!(sarcasm) Heather Mills is planning on remaking her autobiography to include details of her bitter divorce.

Out ‘On A Limb’ was originally published in 1996, and resold it under the name A Small Step after she first edited the book in order to chronicle the early stages of her relationship with McCartney.

Editing it once wasn’t enough, she’s decided to go back in a second time?

A source tells the Daily Telegraph, "She could finally tell her side of the story about the marriage, and how hard it has been for her to bring up Beatrice alone for the past few years with all this mud-slinging going on."

“She could finally tell her side of the story”? All she has been doing is telling everyone that will listen her side of the story. I think its time just to keep quiet.