Heather Mills Got Paid Bank As Escort

April 22, 2008 By:
Heather Mills Got Paid Bank As Escort

Before she was ripping off Paul McCartney in court, Heather Mills was reportedly a high-class escort. She must have been talented in bed because she would fetch up to $20,000 on some nights!

Former prostitute Denise Hewitt, who used to hook with Mills, is talking to the press and the details are scandalicious!

Hewitt revealed on the Channel 4 documentary Heather Mills: What Really Happened that her and Mills would have sex for cash during the '80s. She said: "We have a naughty background. We went into high-class prostitution behind closed doors.

"There were ten of us. We are select girls from Newcastle and we kept it close-knit with three of the most powerful men in the world. They were the big fish.

"We also had others who were classed as sugar daddies. We used to get a lot of jewelry as gifts - rings, watches, Bulgari bracelets, cars. The world was our oyster. We enjoyed it.

"We would have full-on sex with a guy. We’d do girlie-girlie scenes. Always girlie-girlie scenes. I mean 99.9% of men like a girlie-girlie scene.

"No-one knew what we did and we didn’t expect it would come out."

Mills is still denying the reports and claims that she was 'just a model,' not a hooker. Surrrreeee! Heather Mills: What Really Happened airs tonight on Channel 4.