Heather Mills Gets Sued By Her Nanny For Sex Discrimination

December 29, 2008 By:
Heather Mills Gets Sued By Her Nanny For Sex Discrimination

Heather Mills has just been slapped with a lawsuit by her former nanny. And it's not just any old lawsuit. The woman is suing Heather for sex discrimination and intimidation.

Sara Trumble quit working for Heather back in September, and now all the dirt is coming out. According to the Sunday Mirror, Sara says Heather made her work until midnight, and do ridiculous tasks like give her naked spray tans, and blow dry Heather's hair at 7:30 in the morning.

A source tells the publication, "Sara and Heather started out as friends but it all went wrong after Heather's divorce. Heather is concerned what Sara will say - she was in the heart of the family during the last days of her marriage to Sir Paul right up until after the divorce was finalized."

Heather is reportedly "devastated." Her rep says, "Heather is devastated that Sara, who Heather considered a part of her family, should choose to level these accusations at her. This claim will be vigorously defended."

Heather isn't exactly publicly regarded as a saint, so this might be a harder lawsuit to fight than she thinks! You would think the woman would learn her lesson after her divorce from Paul McCartney that left everyone calling her a gold digger. But maybe the nanny is just after some of the $35 million Heather won!