Heather Mills Blowing Through All Her Money

October 23, 2008 By:
Heather Mills Blowing Through All Her Money

If you were Heather Mills, wouldn’t you just try and disappear and live a modest life after that nasty divorce that left her $50 million of Sir Paul McCartney’s money?

She’s known all around the world as a gold digger, and she’s not making it any better with the way she’s been spending her settlement check. According to the Sun, Heather has reportedly blown through $20 million of her $50 million divorce settlement.

She’s reportedly been spending it on properties, vacations, and staff wages. And now she just wants one last thing from Sir Paul. Another $5 million home! What’s wrong with the brand new house she just bought in NYC?

We just have one thing to say to Paul: RUN!!!!