Report: Heather Locklear's Family Wants Her In Rehab

January 17, 2012 By:
Report: Heather Locklear's Family Wants Her In Rehab

After making a cocktail of prescription drugs and booze and being hospitalized, Heather Locklear’s family is urging her to get professional help.

Sources tell People that friends and family of Locklear are hoping she’ll go to rehab.

“She's weighing her options right now," says one source. "Her family is all over her with concern, and that's a hard thing to hear."

I mean, she probably should’ve seen that coming when they were, you know, pumping her stomach and all.

According another source, her struggles with alcohol "go back a long time" but "she was able to handle it and be in social situations and just fine."

But the source says that ever since she turned 50 and ended her engagement to Jack Wagner, Heather has been increasingly insecure. And we all know how our old pal Jack Daniels is so good at making us feel better. Well, in some of our cases, it’s our old friend Jim Beam. Or Evan Williams.

On January 12, Locklear’s sister called 911 to report “intense stomach pain” and “severe distress.”

Locklear was then taken to Los Robles Hospital, where she was placed in the intensive care unit before being released the next day.

If Heather decides to go to rehab, it won’t be her first stay. She spent four weeks in rehab back in June 2008, battling her anxiety and depression. A few months after that, Locklear was arrested with suspicion of driving under the influence of prescription drugs.