Heather Locklear Secretly Entered Rehab After Break-Up

January 20, 2012 By:
Heather Locklear Secretly Entered Rehab After Break-Up

Is it just me or is Heather Locklear slowly turning into Lindsay Lohan? From what we've been hearing lately, she's at about a Stage 3 Lindsay Lohan, which I'd say is Lindsay circa 2007.

Heather's meltdown began in the media on January 12, when it was reported that she was rushed to the Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center in Thousand Oaks, CA. But as it turns out, she's been having issues prior to this.

"Heather has been out of control or many years," a source tells Us Weekly. "Her drinking has caused her to fall out of many friendships."

Turns out, those problems got worse when she and her boyfriend of four years, Jack Wagner, cancelled their engagement in November.

"She doesn't get out of bed most days," the source explains, adding that "Jack kept her on the straight and narrow, but he couldn't keep Heather sober."

The source adds that Wagner "begged her to go to rehab," but Heather refused. Finally, when thy split, Heather "entered a treatment program, which her family was able to keep quiet."

But apparently, Locklear "didn’t take it seriously," and showed up to an L.A. Lakers game January 10 pretty visibly drunk.

Meanwhile, she and Wagner reportedly had a violent blowout at his home, which resulted in her upper-cutting him in the face.

Cops were called to the scene, and while neither wanted to press charges, the incident was still filed. The two are set to take part in an informal meeting to determine whether the case should be prosecuted or not.