Heather Locklear Not Going to Rehab

January 26, 2012 By:
Heather Locklear Not Going to Rehab

After Heather Locklear was rushed to the hospital on Jan. 12 for dangerously mixing alcohol and Xanax.

Wait, she was hospitalized specifically for mixing alcohol and Xanax? Why isn’t all of Beverly Hills hospitalized at this point? Moving on.

Locklear has been released from the hospital in good health and while many speculated if she would return to rehab for a third time, sources close to Locklear claim that she will NOT go to rehab.

Sources say she’d actually been sober for months but her split with fiancé Jack Wagner in November combined with the fact that she received tons of bottles of wine as gifts for Christmas forced her to relapse again. I know about pairing wine with certain foods, but pairing wine with xanax…not so much. Also, who gives a recovering addict alcohol as a gift? Oh right, people who live in LA.

Before the January 12 incident, Locklear had been successful with her sobriety program and will go back into the program. She’s also going to continue being tested monthly for drugs and alcohol and work with therapists to deal with her anxiety from the break-up.

Sources say the problems all have to do with Jack Wagner, even though it was Locklear who called off the 3-month engagement. Locklear has been married twice before and didn’t want to go through it again, but Jack did want to get married. This is reportedly the main source of conflict in their relationship.