Heather Locklear Fought Violently With Ex Before Hospitalization

January 18, 2012 By:
Heather Locklear Fought Violently With Ex Before Hospitalization

Starting to sound more and more like a scene from 'Teen Mom' as the details unfold—uh, I mean, I don’t watch that show ever—it's now being reported that Heather Locklear had a huge, violent fight with her ex just days before her hospitalization.

Locklear was formerly engaged to Jack Wagner, and you'd think they were made for each other since she got her start on Melrose Place and his name sounds like it was straight up taken from a soap opera, but no, things didn’t work out.

The two split in November and on January 12th Jack Wagner drove to Heather's home in Sherman Oaks, California to get some of his crap. According to Star magazine, a violent fight then erupted.

"A huge argument erupted as they insulted each other's families," a source told Star.

"As Heather went to her car, Jack lunged at her, trying to grab or push her."

See what I mean? Teen Mom. Or Jersey Shore.

"Her reaction was to swing," the source continued. "She caught Jack with a right hook across his face, knocking him to the ground."

I believe I speak for everyone when I say…nice! I mean, the woman can't be more than 120 lbs, so that's a pretty good shot. According to the source, Wagner then put his hands around Heather, slamming her into the car while he ran into the house.

I think this exact scene once played out with some characters I created in The Sims.

The police shortly arrived and found a gash across Wagner's face, apparently realizing it was caused in self-defense.

"Heather didn’t want to press charges, so she left."

Press charges?! She kicked his ass!

The couple called off their engagement in November after being together since 2007. Since then Heather has been using "doctor-prescribed pills" to manage her anxiety, having an "occasional drink to calm her nerves."