5 Hottest Single Moms Over 40

June 10, 2011 By:
5 Hottest Single Moms Over 40

Forget the fountain, these women have discovered an entire sea of youth. They seem to be getting hotter with age, and somehow, they've managed to stay on the market.

Either they're aging backwards in some kind of weird Benjamin Button way, or these women were saints in their past lives and are now being rewarded. Here are our five hottest single moms over forty.

Stacey Dash: She's best known for being Alicia Silverstone's BFF in Clueless, as long as you were born in the 80s. If Stacy Dash has aged, I certainly can't tell. They could remake the movie, she could still play a high schooler and she'd get away with it. Dash currently stars in Queen Latifah's VH1 show, Single Ladies.

Halle Berry: Drama seems to follow Halle around, but you couldn't tell by her appearance. Most middle-aged women avoid drama at all costs because they don't need another wrinkle surfacing and they've already got more bags than Hermes. Stress doesn't seem to be taking its toll on Halle.

Elizabeth Hurley: Hurley recently filed for divorce from her husband, citing "unreasonable behavior" as the cause. Why no man can make it work with this woman is beyond me. At 45, Hurley can stand her ground next to twenty-year-old models. Transvestite Prostitutes on the other hand…

Elle McPherson: She has the best nickname ever: The Body. Her nickname couldn't be any better unless it was: The Hot Woman. I refuse to believe Elle McPherson is 48. If I had the power, I'd pull a Donald Trump and ask to see her birth certificate.

Heather Locklear: Heather Locklear has been pretty open about her acceptance of plastic surgery. At almost 50 years old, she looks like she's had some work done recently. Her face is a little plumper, her lips are a little fuller. But whatever she's doing, it's working.