The Most Hated Family Strikes Again!

January 23, 2008 By:
The Most Hated Family Strikes Again!

These people are going to hell! It's hard to believe that there are actual people like this. The
Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas has put out a press release
condemning Heath Ledger for his role in 'Brokeback Mountain.' They are
even planning on picketing Heath's funeral in Australia. This is such
a sad time for Heath's family and friends that I can't believe they
have to deal with something as backwards as this. Feel free to call
these A holes to tell them how you feel. Their phone # is 785-273-0325.

We actually just called these people and spoke with Jonathan Phelps, the attorney for Fred Phelps, who
is responsible for writing the press release pertaining to Heath
Ledger's death and picketing his funeral. Jonathan confirmed that
three people will picket Ledger's funeral to prove to the attendees
that by showing up, they hate God and his fellow men.

referred to the press release as "beautiful", and even had his
daughter Jill confirm that Fred, the pastor of Westboro Baptist
Church, was indeed the author of the release. Jonathan also informed
me of a telling documentary about these people, which Louis Theroux of
the BBC conducted. Pay close attention to what the young boy has to
say at 4:05.