Heath's House Was Clean

January 23, 2008 By:
Heath's House Was Clean

The superintendent of Heath Ledger’s rented apartment building went and saw Ledger immediately after hearing the bad news.

Tamba Rose told Us Weekly that when she went to his apartment she saw Heath's body covered on the stretcher
surrounding 15 detectives. She says the house was clean and it didn’t look like he was partying.

Also, there were original reports that stated that there was a bunch of sleeping pills scattered around Heath when he was found dead but police say that isn’t true. There were bottles of prescription sleeping pills but it was not scattered around him. Maybe that’s why people originally thought it was suicide?

Rose would see Ledger when he was in New York and she remembers the last time she had a sighting. "He was pushing his daughter in the carriage," Mossa says. "He was in a good mood. I usually see him around when he is in New York, but he travels a lot. When he goes out, he like [a] normal person."

Ledger's autopsy is scheduled for today.