Heath's Family Feuds Over His Money

March 19, 2008 By:
Heath's Family Feuds Over His Money

After Heath Ledger passed away, the family decided that his father Kim would manage Heath's estate. In his will, he had left all of his assets to his parents and sisters. The will also hadn't been updated since before he met Michelle Williams, so she and his daughter Matilda weren't included.

Now Heath's uncles are going public with their concerns about Kim's ability to manage the finances. They say he doesn't have the best track record. He's so bad at managing money that he was removed as executor of his grandfather's estate 15 years ago.

The uncles say they aren't trying to remove him for personal gain. They want to make sure that Matilda is completely taken care of. Even though Kim made it clear that he would take care of Michelle and Matilda, the rest of the family doesn't think it's good enough. They say when there's this much money involved, there should be an independent executor, rather than a relative.

It’s not like Matilda and Micelle are gonna have financial any trouble because Michelle is also a successful actress, but its just the principle of the thing.