Heath Ledger's Insurance Company Pays Out Policy To Matilda

January 29, 2009 By:
Heath Ledger's Insurance Company Pays Out Policy To Matilda

Good news for Matilda Ledger! Heath Ledger's insurer has agreed to a settlement to take care of his daughter, which had previously been holding out on.

Ever since Heath’s death on January 22nd, 2008, the insurance company ReliaStar had been trying to avoid paying out money to Matilda. And this wasn’t just any old policy. Heath’s life insurance was a $10 million one. ReliaStar was even ruling Heath’s death as a suicide, even though the coroner’s report stated that he died of an accidental prescription drug overdose.

But thankfully, for Matilda’s sake, Heath’s estate and the insurance company came to an agreement. Attorney William M. Shernoff said today in a statement, "We're pleased that we were able to reach an amicable settlement of the dispute.”

This is such great news! It’s so amazing to see how Matilda is being taken care of after her father’s death. In related news, fans of the late actor are petitioning for Matilda to get Heath’s Oscar if he should win the award for Supporting Actor next month.