Heath Ledger Wins Posthumous Globe for Dark Knight

January 12, 2009 By:
Heath Ledger Wins Posthumous Globe for Dark Knight

Nearly one year after Heath Ledger's tragic death, he won the Best Supporting Actor award at tonight's 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

The Dark Knight director Chris Nolan accepted the trophy on his behalf with what can only be described as a somber moment.

"All of us who worked with Heath on `The Dark Knight' accept with an awful mixture of sadness but incredible pride," Nolan said. "After Heath passed, you saw a hole ripped in the future of cinema."

During the Golden Globe Award nomination announcement back in December, Terrence Howard talked to Hollyscoop about Heath's performance.

"Even if someone else won in his category, if I had won in that category, I would give it to his family because he truly had the best performance.

"He gave more than I have seen any other actor give, he brought a new light. How do you step into Jack Nicholson’s shoes? How do you do that and stretch that? He stretched Jack Nicholson’s shoes,” he told Hollyscoop.

No one was surprised by his win and he's already generated a lot of Oscar buzz. Only one actor has ever won a posthumous Oscar, best-actor recipient Peter Finch for 1976's "Network," but 2009 is already looking to be a historic year. Do you think Heath will swept the Best Supporting Actor award at the Oscars as well?