Heath Gets Theater Named After Him In Hometown

July 2, 2008 By:
Heath Gets Theater Named After Him In Hometown

Heath Ledger is being honored by the residents of his hometown of Perth in Australia by having a theater named after him. The $87 million Heath Ledger Theater will have 575 seats and will pay tribute to the late actor.

At the dedication ceremony, Heath's father Kim spoke, saying, "He was such a giver to the arts right across the board. I really feel that there's not a lot of things he'd put his name to, but he'd put his name to that."

The Western Australia state Premier Alan Carpenter says of him, "Heath Ledger was totally dedicated to the craft of being an actor and that's what made him successful. I think what we're doing is continuing that support for young people who want to make a career in the arts and acting, stage and in film, whatever it happens to be."

It's so nice to see the way the public has reached out to continue to remember Heath for the amazing actor he was, although the Ledger family recognizes how much harder it makes it now that he's gone. Kim added that the great reviews of Heath's portrayal of the Joker have been hard on his family.

He says, "It's just been a little more public, and the films make it a little more public, as well. It's been a little bit hard, but we've always been extremely proud of his work and that hasn't changed."