Dark Knight Selling Out In Theatres

June 26, 2008 By:
Dark Knight Selling Out In Theatres

By now, you must have seen the chilling movie posters of Heath Ledger in the latest Batman flick “The Dark Knight” all over town.
To be honest, even though we are dying to see this film, there is some fear in us for the unexpected.

We can't stop the thoughts roaming through our minds that Heath struggled to perfect his role in the film. His sudden death will make this his last completed project.

Nevertheless, the public is intrigued with this film. According to the latest reports, the movie is selling out even though it hasn’t hit theatres.

Fandango is reporting dozens of show times for "The Dark Knight" are sold out in advance. The movie doesn’t open until Friday, July 18 at 12:01 a.m. and we hear a few theaters have added 3:00 a.m. show times on Friday morning, July 18, to meet the consumer demand.

We’re pretty sure this Batman flick will be breaking records opening week. Will you be watching it? If you haven’t seen the movie trailer check it out below.