Jessica And Tony To Co-Star In Football Show

August 4, 2008 By:
Jessica And Tony To Co-Star In Football Show

Jessica Simpson
is really immersing herself in all things Tony, country, and now football. She got a lot of bad press during last year's season when she'd show up to Cowboys games, and they'd end up losing. But that's not keeping Jess from supporting her man. She'll be appearing in one episode of Hard Knocks, which is a TV series by NFL Films and HBO that shows teams preparing for the upcoming season at training camp.

And according to HBO exec Ross Greenburg insists it won't be all about Jess and Tony. He says, "I'm telling you, we are going to attack this Hard Knocks the same way we have attacked all of the other Hard Knocks. We're not going to make this an E! half-hour entertainment show on Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson."

Will you tune in?