Rumor: Hayden Panettiere Dating Kevin Connolly?

September 23, 2009 By:
Rumor: Hayden Panettiere Dating Kevin Connolly?

Rumor has it the newest couple on the Hollywood block is Hayden Panettiere and Kevin Connolly. Sources say the Heroes hottie and Entourage star were spending an awful lot of time together on Sunday night at the HBO post-Emmy party.

An eyewitness even caught them holding hands, saying, “They were there to hang out together and stayed for hours until well after midnight. Kevin only left Hayden’s side towards the end of the night when he wanted to chat with someone at another table.”

Hayden moves fast! She was just recently supposedly dating Lindsay Lohan’s ex, Harry Morton. A source says, “He still thought he was dating her last week and told friends all about her. Harry was bragging about getting her to do anything he wants.”

Looks to us like Hayden’s focused on doing exactly what she wants for now! And we say more power to her! She’s young, and should be dating around. At least she’s not getting married like everyone else in Hollywood!

And Kevin, 30, definitely fits Hayden’s boyfriend mold. She once said, “I don’t date boys my own age. I’m looking for the right guy, I always said I want four kids — I love kids. I would love to be a mother and to have a family.”

What do you think of Hayden and Kevin as a couple?