Hayden Asks Homeless Man To Break A Twenty

August 7, 2008 By:
Hayden Asks Homeless Man To Break A Twenty

Hayden Panettiere
has a ton of money, let's be honest. But don't ask her to give you any of it, because she's not really into sharing.

While promoting Heroes at ComiCon in San Diego last month, a homeless man asked her for some change. She only had a twenty in her wallet, and allegedly asked him if he could break it! Of course, the guy couldn't, so Hayden told the guy she'd "find him later."

No word on if she went back and found the guy with a smaller bill in hand, but seriously?! Twenty bucks is like pocket change for her!

Hayden is such a sweet girl it's really hard to believe she would do such a silly thing but you be the judge. Do you buy it?