Getting to Know Hayden Panettiere's New Man, Scotty McKnight

June 8, 2011 By:
Getting to Know Hayden Panettiere's New Man, Scotty McKnight

It's possible that he thinks he's mistaking her for a football, but Scotty McKnight has been getting grabby with Hayden Panettiere.

Not long after dating Wladimir Klitschko, Panettiere was linked to football star Mark Sanchez. After both camps denied rumors, Sanchez told TMZ, "you'll find out" what the deal is.

Well, the deal was, she was dating Sanchez's pal and wide receiver for the New York Jets, Scotty McKnight. In response to McKnight's recent celebrity touchdown, we're getting to know him a little better.

He death-threatened his teacher: Watch out, Hayden! During his senior year of high school, McKnight was nearly expelled after he wrote a class assignment that contained explicit death threats aimed at his teacher. He didn't deny it, but contended that it was a misunderstanding. He was suspended from school. On a separate note, they seriously don't pay teachers enough.

He's a prankster: Scotty pranked his friend at the beach, tweeting: "just finished a great covert op of water ballooning @patdevenny33 on the beach while he tried to take a serious phone call. Night complete"

And after a dinner with Mark Sanchez, McKnight tweeted an unnaturally fat photo of his fellow teammate. Someone's having fun with the iPhone photo apps.

He's following in his father's footsteps: Scotty's father was a football player at UC Davis. McKnight said, "My dad absolutely loved his playing experience at Davis. He has told me numerous stories and I know he loved his time spent [there]. He met my mother [there] and some of his best friends, as well."

He was childhood friends with Mark Sanchez: Scotty McKnight was eight years-old when he met Mark Sanchez. They were both ball boys for Santa Margarita High School in California. While they went their separate ways beginning with high school, the two were reunited by the New York Jets. Awwww.

He's a family man: After being drafted to the Jets, McKnight tweeted:"Celebrating becoming a jet with my whole family…everyone decked out in Jet green. Big thanks to everyone welcoming me to the Jet family."

On Easter, McKnight tweeted, "Happy Easter everyone! Going to have a great day with the fam"

Don't corrupt this one, Hayden.