See Harry Styles’ Twerk Fail

August 12, 2013 By:
See Harry Styles’ Twerk Fail

Can we all collectively agree that everyone needs to stop twerking? Even you, Miley Cyrus. Even you.

Because twerking is apparently the country’s greatest common denominator right now, Harry Styles of One Direction decided to get in on the action.

During the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, for whatever reason, Harry Styles decided to back dat a*s up. Does he need a reason? No. Should we give him a reason to quit? Sure.

Watch the video below of Harry doing his best twerk. Maybe he should enlist Miley for some lessons? If he calls THAT twerking, then that one time we danced near a pole was expert stripping.

After the “incident” Harry tweeted, “Note to self: Don’t twerk.”