Harry Styles Reveals His Sex Number

August 1, 2013 By:
Harry Styles Reveals His Sex Number

There’s a reason why all the dudes in One Direction are in serious relationships…it’s because they can’t keep up with Harry Styles' insane sexual prowess. Don’t even try to pull the kind of arm candy that Harry reels in. The lesser members of 1D just need to give up…Or do they?

Harry Styles was grilled by GQ on his actual “sex number” and for some reason Harry said it was two.

Harry wants us to believe he has bedded two women in his entire life. Homeboy's been rumored to date at least like 10 different celebs and pseudo-celebs and is pictured stumbling in and out of clubs/cabs/hotel rooms with plenty of other groupies, so chyeah, we DOUBT he’s only slept with TWO girls.

Here’s the entire exchange, you decide for yourself if the GQ interviewer backed him into a corner and forced him to say “two people.”

When asked how many women Harry’s slept with he joked, “It’s definitely less than 100…Yes, lower than 50…I’m not doing this! You’re cornering me!”

When asked if it was less than 10 people, Harry yelled, “Yes. Two people. I’ve only ever had sex with two people. That’s my answer. Read from it what you will!”

We call bullsh*t.