Harry Styles With Mystery Woman Day After Taylor Swift Split

January 9, 2013 By:
Harry Styles With Mystery Woman Day After Taylor Swift Split
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Well, that was fast.

Just a day after Taylor Swift and Harry Styles had an alleged fight while vacationing in the British Virgin Islands, Harry hopped over to neighboring island, Necker Island, where he found comfort in the lap of some blonde reality TV star in a hot-tub.

Necker Island is the private island owned by Richard Branson and you basically have to be some form of celebrity or Richard’s friend to hang out there.

Harry was caught splashing around with reality TV “star” Hermione Way. I put “star” in quotes, because Hermione appears on the Bravo TV show “Start Ups: Silicon Valley.”

According to UK tabloid The Sun, “Harry couldn’t keep his eyes off her all the time he was there. There was a lot of flirting in the tub and Hermione was loving the attention.”

So, those stories about Harry being heartbroken over the T-Swift break-up were probably overly dramatic.

This Hermione chick is 27, because we know Harry likes older women, and it seems like something DID happen between the two of them because Hermione tweeted just hours ago:

“To all the journalists hounding me this morning – I have nothing to say on the Harry story. What happens on Necker, stays on Necker.”

He was also spotted with a mystery blonde just hours after he landed back in the UK in North London. Quite the ladies man.

Oh, and if you care to know WHY Taylor and Harry broke up, it’s because Taylor’s ego is too huge.

“Taylor knows she's far more high-profile in America and way richer, and saw her career as more important. She always brushed off his schedule and needs and put hers first,” says the source.

Here’s my favorite part, “Taylor even yelled he was lucky to be with her.”

Oh Tay Tay.