Lonely Harry Styles Spends Birthday With Strippers

February 4, 2013 By:
Lonely Harry Styles Spends Birthday With Strippers
Image By: Splash News

Strippers and loneliness have been paired together since the invention of taking your clothes off, but who knew Harry Styles was afflicted by this harsh reality.

Harry Styles celebrated his birthday on Friday night in London, where he partied with his ex-girlfriend Caroline Flack, but what we just found out was that there was also a stripper and a lap dance at the party as well.

A stripper dressed as a cop showed up to give Harry a lap dance, which Niall Horan called “a right laugh.”

And Harry reportedly told The Sun, “She stripped down to her underwear, unfortunately there was a no-nudity policy in the bar.” Alright buddy, calm down. 

Paparazzi cameras caught Harry making his way out of the bar at 3 a.m. and if I learned anything in college, it’s that this photo is of a very DRUNK person.

Check out that gimpy leg. That’s the leg of a man who's had one too many birthday shots and needs the help of a much older man to get him into the taxi. Awww, to be 19.

But why the strippers, Harry? Where’s your twenty-something flavor-of-the-month girlfriend?

According to Harry’s best pal Ed Sheeran, the kid is mad lonely. He has two homes but crashes at friend’s houses, so he doesn’t have to be alone.

“The strangest thing about Harry is he lived at my flat for a while, but he had a house, he had two houses…this was like a couple of months. He had two very posh houses in London and he’d just come and stay,” says Ed.