Harry Styles Asks Jennifer Lawrence on a Date

November 4, 2013 By:
Harry Styles Asks Jennifer Lawrence on a Date
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It’s no secret that One Direction’s shaggiest mane Harry Styles has a crush on America’s burping sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence. He expressed that much in interviews about a year ago and now he’s taking action; Harry asked her to hang out with him the next time he’s in the states.

“Harry has sent Jen a message telling her he’s coming to LA to chill out after the band’s world tour,” a source told the Daily Star newspaper. “He’s said he hopes they can hang out together and see where it leads.”

His band has recently wrapped up their tour in Japan and they are looking to spend some downtime in Los Angeles.

“He also wants to show her his new LA pad,” the source added. “She is flattered and has told him she likes playing 1D [One Direction] songs.”

Jennifer’s supposedly dating her X-Men: First Class co-star Nicholas Hoult, not that that would stop someone like Harry, who at 19 has a notorious reputation for womanizing. Just ask Taylor Swift