Harry Styles Channels Miley With New Haircut

September 18, 2012 By:
Harry Styles Channels Miley With New Haircut

You know you’re big in showbiz when you make headlines for combing your hair a different way…

Harry Styles, part one of the dreamy five-piece UK boy group One Direction, is debuting his newest haircut. Minus a platinum blonde tone, the newest puffed-up style has some striking similarities to Miley Cyrus’ new mop.

Now, go with me here…

The British singer’s hair is combed up in the Miley mohawk that she was spotted rocking at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards. Harry slicked his side hair back and had his bangs gelled up to point to the sky.

For Harry fans – who already likely have a print out of his new locks taped to their high school lockers – this is a major change from the messy hair look that the teen icon has been known to sport.

At the time when Miley debuted the look on the carpet, it was as if she was copying P!nk – also wearing the puff - who she intro’d for her performance of “Blow Me (Just One Kiss).”

So was this Harry being Miley, Miley doing Harry, or Harry being Miley being P!nk?

Actually, Harry was channeling a different person entirely: Nick Grimshaw, a radio announcer who also has high-flying hair. Grimshaw just booked a gig as the new host of BBC Radio 1’s Breakfast Show.

Harry’s hair ad was in support of Grimshaw, a.k.a. #TeamGrimmy, in the new endeavor.

“As you can see, I’m already a part of Team Grimmy,” he says.

In the ad, Harry urges fans to follow suit and channel their inner Grimmy, and tweet photos of the results.

With P!nk’s hairdo catching on with the younger Hollywood crowd, not doubt the original punk-pop princess is proud to pass the tradition on.
“Everyone has long, brown hair,” she said on an interview with NBC’s “Today.” “When two girls get fearless and shave their heads, it’s a big deal. I think we’re just a little more daring.”

Though, she may have never expected the look to catch on with the boys…