10 Movie Scenes Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Should Reenact Next

December 12, 2012 By:
10 Movie Scenes Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Should Reenact Next

This week, Taylor Swift and One Direction’s Harry Styles were captured reenacting the classic body-over-head-lift dance move that Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze popularized in 1987’s Dirty Dancing and Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone then spoofed in Crazy, Stupid, Love

The photo’s caught a lot of buzz, so we got to thinking which movies Taylor and Harry might choose to pull from for their next Hollywood-inspired Kodak moment.

Here they are:

1. Ten Things I Hate About You: Harry sings “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” while Taylor… practices soccer with her team?

2. Titanic: “Open your eyes, Tay Tay… You’re flying!” An iconic scene that is practically begging to be reenacted by the happy couple, be it on a dock, a balcony, or even their own actual-size model of the Titanic ship—hell, they’ve got enough money to pull it off!

Spoiler alert: Sadly, in this version, Harry dies at the end. 

3. Spiderman: There goes Taylor… wandering down a dark and dangerous alleyway again, which by my count has happened never. 

Anyway, Harry saves her from some goons and she thanks him with this upside down kiss, totally unfazed by the fact that there are spider webs oozing from his wrists…

4. Chasing Amy: Taylor leaves Harry high and (ironically) dry in the pouring rain. She possibly has feeling for someone else (not necessary another woman, people!), but he goes for it anyway and gets denied... Until she comes running back to his arms. 

There’s a song here, I know it!

(WARNING: Explicit language!)

5. Love Actually: This is a stunt that only a publicist could dream up. Harry arrives at Taylor’s house on Christmas after she’s moved on to yet another boyfriend or two. He tells her with cue cards that she’s “perfect.” Awww...

6. A Walk to Remember: As seen in this scene from A Walk to Remember—aka the story of Taylor Swift’s life minus cancer—Taylor’s romantic reputation is called into question. Harry defends her honor. 

7. Casablanca: “Here’s looking at you kid.” Harry drives to Taylor to the airport, likely where she’ll set off on another tour and not flee from wartime threats. He bids her farewell, but mostly tells her to get on the damn plane already.

They’ll always have Paris… 

8. How Harry Met Sally: Harry (correctly named!) and Taylor take a road trip. They argue the entiiiiire time…

9. The Wedding Singer: In this reenactment, Harry surprises Taylor with a surprise serenade. Only difference is she would NOT be sitting in coach and, instead, this would probably have to happen on a private jet…

10. Pulp Fiction: Taylor and Harry grow tired of their on stage careers and take to robbing highway-side diners. Tay takes crowd control, Harry handles employees.

(WARNING: Again, naughty language here, kids…)