Harry Potter Kids New Careers

July 13, 2011 By:
Harry Potter Kids New Careers

Tom Felton, the super pale dude known best for playing evil Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films now has his sights set on a rap career. He said, “I was thinking of doing some N-Dubz-style stuff. I am looking to get into the grime rap UK scene.” Say what?

Only one blonde haired blue-eyed dude has seriously made it as a rapper and his name was Eminem and that’s because he grew up in Detroit and has mad street cred. Tom Felton is a British kid who grew up on the set of one of the most beloved children’s films of the last decade. I ain’t buying it. Literally, I’m not going to buy his future rap album.

Now that the Harry Potter film franchise is over, what are the rest of the films young stars going to do with their careers?

Daniel Radcliffe has had a successful turn on the Broadway stage. First he appeared naked in the horse show, Equus, now he’s in the 2011 Broadway revival of “How To Success in Business Without Really Trying.” Who knew that the nerdy little boy would turn into a song and dance man. He’s kind of like Matthew Broderick 2.0

Emma Watson went to Brown University for two years before dropping out citing she was too famous to go to school? She’s now enrolling at Oxford in her native home of England. After seeing Radcliffe perform on Broadway she hinted that she would love to be in a musical, “I would love to do something on Broadway," she said. "I love to sing, but I think I would need to pluck up some more courage." In the meantime, she’s starring in the anticipated film, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.”

Rupert Grint is the most low-key of the bunch. Last news we heard from him was that he purchased an ice cream truck. Although his dairy escapades make the tabloids, our favorite ginger is actually doing real work. He will star in next years anti-war film, “Comrade,” and is set to star in three films that start filming over the next year. That’s three more than the rest of the cast.