Harry Potter Love

February 19, 2008 By:
Harry Potter Love

I smell some Harry Potter love brewing. Daniel Radcliffe and his former co-star Emma Watson might be dating on the down low. The young stars enjoyed a secret Valentine's Day date in West London.

The onlooker said: "They arrived quite late at the pub - about 10pm - and sat outside, using each other's bodies for warmth.

"Emma, who was wearing a black top and matching pashmina, kept looking over her shoulder nervously as if she didn't wanted to be recognized. When people started to notice the couple and began pointing, she wrapped her scarf around her head so only her eyes were peeping out.

"Daniel found her new look hysterical and started laughing. Throughout the night, in fact, he just kept giggling like a love-struck teen.

"The pair seemed totally absorbed in one another's company, though - they were chatting and joking easily until just before closing time.

"They then left the pub, heads together and whispering, and headed in the direction of Daniel's home nearby."

It's the first time in seven years that they've been linked together romantically, I actually think they make a pretty cute couple!