Harry Potter to Become Highest-Grossing Movie Franchise

July 15, 2009 By:
Harry Potter to Become Highest-Grossing Movie Franchise

Not even Lord of the Rings, James Bond, or Star Wars could hold a candle to Harry Potter. The film series is to become the highest-grossing franchise ever.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince opens in theaters tomorrow, July 15th at midnight, and is expected to push the series over $5 billion worldwide.

There will be 950 theaters open for midnight showings, and 4300 theaters in the U.S. that will show it during the day today.

The five previous Harry Potter films have earned $4.48 billion to date, and the latest is expected to surpass 007 by the end of the month.

Order of the Phoenix made $12 million in midnight showings and $44 million in its opening day. It earned almost $300 million domestically and $646 million abroad.

We’re sure Half-Blood Prince will easily surpass that. The fact that opening day has been delayed a couple of times has probably added to the suspense for fans. Fandango says Half-Blood Prince is the year’s fastest seller for online ticket sales. Do you have yours yet??

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