Harrison Ford Named Highest Earning Actor

June 15, 2009 By:
Harrison Ford Named Highest Earning Actor

Indiana Jones' still got it! Harrison Ford was just named the highest earning actor in Hollywood, beating out big timers like Will Smith, Tom Hanks, and Tom Cruise. Who knew?!

According to Forbes magazine, Ford has earned over $64.95 million in the last 12 months, thanks to his role in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which grossed more than $750 million worldwide.

Coming in at number two was funny man Adam Sandler, who thanks to movies like You Don't Mess With The Zohan and Bedtime Stories, made $55 million.

Rounded out the top three is Will Smith (of course!), who is known to be box office gold. Thanks to movies like Hancock and Seven Pounds, Smith made $45 million.

Hollywood’s Top Earning Actors top 20, according to Forbes:

1. Harrison Ford: $65 million

2. Adam Sandler: $55 million

3. Will Smith: $45 million

4. Eddie Murphy: $40 million

5. Nicolas Cage: $40 million

6. Tom Hanks: $35 million

7. Tom Cruise: $30 million

8. Jim Carrey: $28 million

9. Brad Pitt: $28 million

10. Johnny Depp: $27 million

11. George Clooney: $25 million

12. Russell Crowe: $20 million

13. Robert Downey Jr.: $20 million

14. Denzel Washington: $20 million

15. Vince Vaughn: $14 million

16. Ben Stiller: $14 million

17. Seth Rogen: $12 million

18. Matt Damon: $11 million

19. Christian Bale: $10 million

20. Will Ferrell: $10 million