Hancock Los Angeles Movie Premiere Coverage

July 2, 2008 By:
Hancock Los Angeles Movie Premiere Coverage

The stars came out for the Los Angeles premiere of 'Hancock' on Monday night, and Hollyscoop was on hand for all the superhero-sized fun. Minnie Driver, Virginia Madsen, P. Diddy and Queen Latifah made their way through the carpet, which looked like a scene from the action packed film.

Hancock, which opens today, stars Will Smith who, was excited for the release of the film. Will and his cast mates have been globetrotting from Russia to England and Germany to promote this flick.

Will takes on the role of John Hancock, who is unlike any Superhero we know. He's more concerned with drinking than saving the world.

Jason Bateman plays a public relations exec whose life is saved by Hancock. Charlize Theron plays Jason's wife, who also happens to be Hancock's biggest critic. We hear Charlize Theron’s character makes a big twist in the films plot.

Hollyscoop caught up with the stars and got you the “10 Second Scoop” on why we should watch this film. Check out our coverage below and enjoy!