Hamlet 2 Trailer

August 21, 2008 By:
Hamlet 2 Trailer

If you're a huge Shakespeare lover, you probably won't like this movie. Don't get misconstrued by the name—this movie is free of "hark's" and "where art thou's."

Steve Coogan stars as Dana Marschz, a former actor who gives up his dream after realizing starring in a Herpes infomercial isn't exactly "making it."

He turns to teaching drama at a high school, and decides to put on a show to save the school's theater program from biting the dust. And what better way to do that than put on the politically incorrect musical sequel to Shakespeare's Hamlet.

From the co-writer of the South Park movie and Team America comes this hilarious comedy with an all-star cast, including Catherine Keener, David Arquette, and Elizabeth Shue.

It's out in theaters tomorrow, August 22nd, so check out the trailer here!