Rumor Control: Is Halle Berry Engaged Or Not?

January 12, 2012 By:
Rumor Control: Is Halle Berry Engaged Or Not?

Despite the fact that I’ve been waiting patiently next to my mailbox for a wedding invitation, there are now reports that Halle Berry isn’t engaged after all.

Just what the hell is going on here?

* Puts on official hat and rolls up sleeves *

My friends, it’s time for Rumor Control.

According to TMZ, the emerald and diamond ring that Halle Berry has been wearing is “NOT an engagement ring, and sources connected to the couple tell us…as of last week, Halle and Olivier Martinez were not engaged.”

The sources continue that yes, Olivier gave her the ring as a gift, but it’s not intended to be an engagement ring. I hope Halle knows.

According to the sources, Halle and Olivier are in a “committed relationship” and marriage “could be in the cards,” but as of last week, when the photo was released, the two were not engaged.

But the jewelry designer, Gurhan, confirmed that it was indeed an engagement ring. As PEOPLE reported:

“A rep for jewelry designer Gurhan tells PEOPLE that Olivier Martinez, Berry's boyfriend of more than a year, has given her a diamond-and-emerald engagement ring.”

Then again, Halle Berry also once told Oprah she never intends to get married again, and added that she meant it with “every bone in my body.”

And you don’t lie to Oprah.

But website Gossip Cop also confirmed the news, saying they “got wind of the engagement last week, but a rep for Berry wouldn’t comment.”

That rep also replied to ABC News’ inquires with “no comment.” In Hollywoodtalk, that usually means “yes.”

Even Kylie Minogue, Olivier’s ex, offered up her congrats to the couple. So what’s the deal here? Are we going to have to call Justin Timberlake’s grandma?

For now, we’re going to have to say this rumor is up in the air. Updates to come.

* Takes off official Rumor Control hat, rolls down sleeves and goes back to napping at the keyboard. *