Report: Halle Berry Is Ready For Babies With Olivier Martinez

January 11, 2012 By:
Report: Halle Berry Is Ready For Babies With Olivier Martinez

Not even 24 hours since news of her engagement spread, and we’re already trying to impregnate Halle Berry.

An insider claims that Halle Berry and her ovaries are ready to have another child. She’s already mom to 3 year-old Nahla, but apparently wants a baby with her husband-to-be, Olivier Martinez.

“Halle is very serious about this marriage,” the insider told Star magazines.

Well, let’s hope so. Does this mean the other marriages were, what, pranks?

“She’s ready,” the source added.

Another source said, “Olivier has become her rock,” adding “Halle would love to have more kids, but she knows it might be difficult because of her age and the fact that she’s diabetic,” says the insider. “If they can’t conceive, they’d definitely consider adoption.”

Woohoo adoption! Wait, is 28 too old to get adopted by a celebrity?

As far as Olivier’s seriousness, the source adds that the French actor remains loyal to Halle and has taken in her daughter, too.

“Halle feels Olivier has made a connection and a commitment to her and her daughter,” the source says. “Deciding to marry again is huge for Halle. But friends have never seen her this happy and fulfilled.”

I dunno, she looked pretty damn happy and fulfilled when she won that Oscar back in 2002. I can still hear the echoes of her screaming, “Seventy-four years here!!!”

According to the insiders, Halle’s wedding will most likely big a big affair held in California wine country, and it’s supposed to take place early this summer.