Olivier Martinez Finally Confirms Engagement to Halle Berry

March 12, 2012 By:
Olivier Martinez Finally Confirms Engagement to Halle Berry

So, everyone’s been wondering if Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry were actually engaged. Halle wore an emerald ring that was, and then wasn’t an engagement ring.

Halle also famously said she would never get married again, and since the couple (or their publicists) never confirmed they were engaged we were kind of out in nowhere land trying to figure out their relationship status!

“C’mon make it facebook official,” was our collective cry.

So anyways, Olivier Martinez finally confirmed that they are engaged, telling Miami.com, “Yes, of course we’re engaged!”

And that’s the story!

Olivier also says that whatever jeweler has been taking credit for designer Halle’s engagement ring are liars.

“There is a jeweler taking credit for doing the ring and it’s a lie!” he says, “they have nothing to do with this.”

Even though Olivier only now confirmed the engagement, we kind of knew they were gonna get hitched. Olivier essentially confirmed to Hollyscoop last week when we asked if he thought he would be a good step-dad to Halle’s daughter and he told us, “We’ll see!”

Olivier is adding dad and husband to his new roles, but he can also Miami restaurateur.

He’s excited to be opening South Beach restaurant Villa Azur.

"The design of Villa Azur is absolutely breathtaking and I am very excited to be joining my friends and business partners in opening a restaurant in Miami which is one of my favorite cities in the world,” said Olivier.

“From the cuisine and drink menus to the overall atmosphere and ambiance, Villa Azur will definitely bring that authentic South of France lifestyle to South Beach.”