Halle Berry's Stalker Is a Dangerous Criminal

July 12, 2011 By:
Halle Berry's Stalker Is a Dangerous Criminal

After having a strange man intrude on her property two days in a row, Halle Berry somehow didn’t make time to go to the Home Depot and get some barbed wire installed on the fence surrounding her house.

Luckily, LAPD caught the trespasser on Monday night, and he was arrested on the spot. Creepily enough, he had just gotten out of jail for criminal battery.

Richard Franco was apprehended late Monday after scaling Halle’s wall for the third time. Turns out he has a long list of criminal offenses, including: felony car theft, felony vandalism, drug use offenses and several juvenile offenses.

He’s also had to attend court-ordered anger management classes. Let this be a lesson, ladies. Start a bunch of drama with your exes, and this is what your dating pool becomes.

LAPD Threat Management handles a lot of serious celebrity stalker cases, and they’ve been deeply involved. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they’re concerned about Franco.

I’m sorry, being a celebrity is not worth it. I mean, you can go for years without making a movie or anything, and people will still stalk you. You can barely have a career anymore, the only press you get is your name popping up before the words “Baby Daddy Drama”, and yep, stalkers will still be interested.