Halle Berry's Lawyer Grill Gabriel Aubry Under Oath

March 31, 2012 By:
Halle Berry's Lawyer Grill Gabriel Aubry Under Oath

Gabriel Aubry—Halle Berry’s baby daddy and former flame—is reportedly being grilled in court by her lawyer, Stephen Kolodny.

As previously reported, Halle planned to move to Paris with Nahla, her daughter with Gabriel. Why? Because she’s engaged to French native, actor Olivier Martinez, that’s why. If you could move to France with a hot French dude, wouldn’t you?

According to TMZ, Gabriel is totally against the move and is trying to fight it. The custody judge must approve Halle’s overseas move, and that’s what her lawyer is fighting with him in court over. Kolodny’s trying to get Gabriel to admit he has plenty of free time to travel back and forth to France to visit Nahla.

Oh, and not too long ago, Halle’s nanny claimed Gabriel put Nahla in danger. Gabriel allegedly pushed the nanny while she was carrying the toddler.

A source claimed: “The nanny went to pick Nahla up at school and she wasn't there, so she went to Gabriel's home. Gabriel and the nanny got into an argument because no one alerted her that Nahla didn't go to school.”

And that’s when he allegedly got all Pushy McViolent on her, though there have been conflicting reports that Halle told the nanny to make these claims. So who knows? You’ll get more answers watching a 'Jerry Springer' rerun.

Kolodny is supposed to ask Gabriel about those allegations in court, too.

Last year, Halle took Gabriel to court, claiming that he violated their custody agreement. Kolodny also submitted a lengthy court document saying Gabriel has put Nahla at risk.

Sources say that Halle is concerned for Nahla’s safety when she’s in Gabriel’s care, but they wouldn’t be specific about the violations. They did say it has something to do with requirements that he was supposed to follow when Nahla is in his care.