Halle Berry's Daughter Recommended For Counseling

January 30, 2012 By:
Halle Berry's Daughter Recommended For Counseling

When they make the kid draw what’s bothering her, I bet it’s going to be a picture of that emerald engagement ring next to a bunch of question marks.

The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services has reportedly recommended Nahla, Halle Berry’s three year-old daughter with ex Gabriel Aubry, to get counseling. The department is investigating claims that Aubry pushed the child's nanny, Alliance Kamden, while she was holding the little girl.

So here's what happened. Kamden reportedly went to Nahla's school that morning, and was told the child was absent that day. From there, she went to Aubry’s house to find Nahla hanging out there. When she picked Nahla up and questioned Aubry as to why he didn’t bring her to school that day, Aubry reportedly violently pushed her out the door.

Somewhere, a screenwriter for Lifetime is like, “Hey! They stole my idea!”

Seriously, though. Lifetime has some really good programming now.

Anyway, TMZ reports that Halle and Gabriel are due back in court today, and apparently Berry is going to ask the judge to stop Gabriel from having any contact with Nahla until the investigation is complete.

Gabriel, on the other hand, is requesting a restraining order against the nanny.

So yeah, I’m thinking counseling is probably a good idea for the kid at this point.

THERAPIST: What do you see in this ink blot, Nahla?

NAHLA: Mommy scweaming at her Oscar stachoo…

HALLE: IT YELLS AT ME FIRST! (hides behind plant)

THERAPIST: You probably shouldn’t be in here.