Halle Berry Threatening To Move To France With Olivier Martinez

February 9, 2012 By:
Halle Berry Threatening To Move To France With Olivier Martinez

Sacrebleu! That's French for…something.

Halle Berry seems to be determined to get her daughter, Nahla, away from her ex and baby daddy Gabriel Aubry. A couple of weeks ago, it was speculated that she was possibly in cahoots with the nanny in filing a restraining order against Aubry.

The nanny claimed that Aubry pushed her while she was carrying Nahla, but the judge denied the restraining order.

And now, there's this. According to TMZ, Halle Berry is asking the judge in her ongoing custody war with Aubry for permission to move to France with Nahla.

Halle apparently filed the papers with the court requesting the move, and a hearing on the matter is currently pending.

Sources tell TMZ that Gabriel is pissed because he thinks Halle is just doing this to punish him and make it more difficult for him to have contact with his daughter. If true, this woman will try anything.

Halle would be living with boyfriend Olivier Martinez (I guess those two didn't get engaged after all?) if the move is approved. And Gabriel doesn’t care for that one, either.

But here's the thing, Halle has a pretty good argument for moving to Europe. Because remember that creepy stalker that made his way onto her property several times over the course of one weekend last year? Halle looked up from her kitchen window and saw his creepy face? Yeah, that guy just got out of jail. So I think I'd want to move to France, too.